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Peel Valley Traffic Control has a fleet of vehicles that are fully fitted with the most up to date traffic control technology and equipment. By reinvesting in new vehicles and ensuring regular servicing and maintenance, our fleet is one of the reasons we have an excellent reliability record.

Our traffic control equipment is also of the highest standards. We only purchase our equipment from local suppliers who provide quality products that adhere to all Australian standards and specifications in our industry. Each vehicle is equipped with signage and devices that can cater for a multitude of traffic control arrangements.

We tailor our vehicles and equipment to each individual client and project needs, ensuring that any specific or special requirements can be catered for. We are always following the latest developments within the industry, looking out for new technology and equipment that can maximize the safety of our employees and the road user.

We take great pride in the quality of our vehicles and equipment, therefore ensuring that we and all our clients are exceptionally well presented to the public environment.