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Risk Management & Safety

We manage risk through a formal, documented risk management process aligned with Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 “Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines”. This involves a five-step process as indicated in the diagram below:

Hierarchy of hazard control
Hierarchy of hazard control – Wikipedia

Risk management is covered in Peel Valley’s Business Management System (BMS). The BMS includes all aspects of managing risk from Group Policies to Organizational Structure to Business Performance Management and Procedures and Forms. More information is available upon request.


Safety is paramount and crucial to our operations…safety on every job, every day. Peel Valley Traffic Control uses the risk management process to minimise the risk of injury or illness to our personnel, our client’s personnel, road workers and the travelling public. This process allows us to implement the most appropriate control measures through our Workplace Health and Safety Management System and reduce risk. We strive to use the most effective control measures as ranked by the Hierarchy of Control from elimination of risk down to the last resort of PPE.

Our Safety system forms the basis of inductions, training and on-site audits. We regularly review the system as part of our continuous improvement process to ensure a safe working environment. We recognise that a safe workplace is a team effort which is facilitated through consultation, our Safety Committee and our ‘Safety Starts with Me’ programme. All personnel from our traffic control personnel to the Group CEO are accountable and have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment. Our Safety System and Procedures are communicated and reiterated to our personnel regularly through:
Comprehensive Induction Training.

Mentoring systems

On site supervision and audit process i.e. regular competency-based assessments.

Annual Safety Training

Safety Handbook containing operating procedures, risk management and Safe Work Method Statements

Safety Alerts and Newsletters

This means that you can be assured that by engaging us, you are making the safest choice you can make.


Peel Valley Traffic Control is certified to ISO 9001:2008. As part of our worksite quality standards, supervisors coordinate and schedule daily site visits and inspections. Supervisors undertake random and programmed inspections of traffic control worksites across all depots, including remote areas.

All traffic controllers must be assessed at least monthly by an Operations Supervisor as the minimum requirement. Controllers who require additional training are re-assessed the next day. In reality, most Supervisors undertake formal assessments whenever they visit their sites so that all of our controllers are assessed every 4 weeks. The Operations Supervisors also have KPIs linked to their position descriptions that require the completion of traffic assessments for all traffic controllers they manage.