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Traffic Control

You know that working on the road is a high risk activity that is dangerous to both the general public and road workers. The public is at risk when there are inadequate precautions taken to enable them to safely negotiate work sites.

Road workers are at risk due to their close proximity to moving traffic and work site construction vehicles and equipment. When undertaking any work on the road, if reasonable care is not taken, you not only expose people to serious harm but also expose yourself to legal prosecution. Why risk it when you can leave it to the professionals?

Peel Valley Traffic Control is a leading traffic control company that provides professional, experienced and well-trained teams to cater for all types of traffic control situations from small suburban road works to major events and projects or high speed freeway closures.

Peel Valley Traffic Control is pre-qualified by state road authorities and is engaged by many local and state government authorities to provide traffic control services. Even large national construction and civil construction companies prefer to trust Peel Valley with their traffic control. With its well-known commitment to service, compliance and safety, Peel Valley has clients who have been loyal for years because they know they can trust the team (Testimonials)

You know you can trust your traffic control requirements to the team at Peel Valley Traffic Control, so why not give us a call today?

Peel Valley Traffic Control Sample Traffic Management plan
Sample Traffic Management plan