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Identity Requirements

You are required to show the accredited assessor original EOI documents that add up to at least 100 points. Original documents MUST be provided. Certified copies will not be accepted.

  • The combination of EOI documents must contain your date of birth, current residential address, photograph and signature.
  • If you use more than one credit card, savings account card or statement, they must be from different financial institutions.
  • If you use more than one utilities bill, they must be from different utilities providers.
  • All documents provided must contain your name in full, not just your initials. The only exception is a council rates notice.

Primary documents (Note: only one primary document can be provided)

Full Australian Birth Certificate/Birth card No: State: 70pts
Australian or international passport
(current or expired within last two years but not cancelled)
Australian citizenship certificate 70pts

Secondary documents

Current Australian drivers licence No: State: 40pts
Current Australian state or territory photo/proof of age card
(eg NSW RTA issued photo card)
Current Australian learner drivers licence/permit 40pts
Current Australian boat operators photo licence (e.g. NSW PWC photo card) 40pts
Current NSW firearms photo licence 40pts
Current Australian issued NCOC photo licence (post 2006) or high risk work licence 40pts
Australian Police or Dept of Defence card (with photo) 40pts
Medicare card DVA card Centrelink card Savings card or bank statement 25px
Motor vehicle registration papers 25pts
Credit card, Telephone account, Utility Bill (i.e. water,electricity, gas) 25pts each
Home insurance papers 25pts
Property lease agreement 25pts
Motor vehicle insurance papers 25pts
Property (council) rates notice 25px

Correction facility inmates only

Letter of verification from the Department of Corrective Services 25pts
Correction centre inmate MIN card (photo) 40pts
Correction centre inmate MIN card (non-photo) 5pts