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Maintaining Traffic Flow During Roadwork

In the middle of a busy worksite, don’t neglect your responsibility of making sure that road users can pass through or around your work site safely and without inconvenience. A traffic guidance scheme to ease the traffic flow will never work well without a carefully designed traffic management plan. The diagrams in these plans indicate the strategic positions of the signs and devices required to guide traffic safely around the worksite. These plans must be supported by robust work procedures if they are to be effective. You can maintain mobility in the worksite by preparing your plans for:

Short-term and mobile work

Plans for these scenarios should include developing procedures and providing the relevant sets of signs and devices in the context of the work tasks to be performed on the day.

Simple part-road closures

For lane closures, there is a minimum requirement to have a plan showing the positions of signs and devices and a checklist to ensure adequate equipment to complete the job. You must also consider how changes in the road environment including peak traffic periods and over-sized vehicles will impact you site.

Multi-stage road works

Having a separate traffic management plan for each stage will greatly help as each transition may require specific treatments to be applied depending on the work being completed or the makeup of the traffic. Each plan must identify key stakeholders who need to be involved and include a clear communication plan addressing factors such as approval requirements and after-hours traffic arrangements.

Complex traffic arrangements

Large-scale and long-term projects can significantly impact traffic flow in a given area, so plans for complex traffic situations should include alternative treatments allowing for changes in expected traffic conditions.

When it comes to traffic routing, you should select the appropriate means of managing traffic flow for the specific situation, ensuring that all required traffic movements are provided for. Maintain traffic mobility more effectively by consulting with experts in traffic management and control services.

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