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Peel Valley Traffic Control complies with all relevant Australian laws and the state laws of New South Wales at all times. We take our legal and moral obligations as a minimum standard and seek to exceed them at all times.

Local council and shire laws and regulations guide our work and we comply with any requirements the council may require when performing our duties. Generally, we are required to submit a Traffic Management Plan for approval before work can commence.

Some jobs, such as worksites on private land, are also subject to traffic planning that conforms to health and safety regulations (OHS)
Health and safety are paramount requirements in this industry. All staff wear personal protection equipment at all times.

We do NOT allow short cuts or a ‘She’ll be right’ attitude at any times as the health and safety of both workers and the general public are at stake.

At all times we act professionally and within the law.


We respect our client’s right to privacy and will only discuss your work situation with those necessary to facilitate the successful completion of your job.


Testimonials given by clients are honest, complete and unsolicited.