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Traffic Management Planning

At Peel Valley Traffic Control, we plan by the book and work by the book. Of course we’re flexible, but we know that great planning means safer and more efficient outcomes for both our clients and our staff. That’s why we commit to pre-start meetings, meticulous traffic planning and equipment scheduling, well in advance of every project.

Traffic control is often the “first required, last called”, though its real value can be enjoyed when planned well ahead of the work required. This means benefiting from more efficient and smarter road closures or detours and minimizing disruption to traffic around work sites.

Forward planning also enables time to work with local and state authorities or event managers to reduce or eliminate site risks and improve traffic flows and efficiency. Peel Valley Traffic Control will help you with designing and preparation of traffic control management plans, traffic strategies and work with the relevant road authorities and local councils to obtain the right permits and approvals.

Our highly experienced team will start by identifying the risks upfront and then formulating a comprehensive traffic control plan to mitigate these risks. They will then work to ensure that the Traffic Management Plan complies with all requirements, and that all permits and approvals are received from the relevant authorities.

We also liaise with emergency services and provide a range of other traffic control related services so you can start to work safely and get the job done sooner. So why not call Peel Valley Traffic Control?