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Red Cards – Select or Modify Traffic Control Plans

Select/Modify Traffic Control Plans, also known as Traffic Control Red Card is suitable for works supervisors or team leaders who may be required to make minor modifications to existing Traffic Control Plans (TCP’s) to suit work locations.

Note:This course does not qualify participants to design and Inspect TCP’s on road construction sites.

These courses are facilitated by an RMS Licensed Instructor.

  • Explain the requirements of a Traffic Management Plan
  • Describe the Set out and Close down of a TCP’s
  • Conduct a risk review for a TCP
  • Make minor site specific modifications to approved TCP’s
  • Inspect an approved TCP

To be eligible to attend the Design & Inspect Traffic Control Plans course a participant
must have:

  • Adequate Literacy and analytical skills,
  • A current Select/Modify Traffic Control Plans Photo Card, and
  • A minimum of 12 months demonstrated experience in selecting and modifying traffic control plans in the workplace.

Note: Each qualification is “stand alone” and does not qualify the holder to perform traffic control duties other than as stated above.