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Responsibilities when supervising traffic control

Just because there are traffic controllers on site doesn’t mean you can leave traffic management to the traffic personnel without monitoring and diligent supervision from time to time. You should be mindful of the following responsibilities when supervising traffic control:

Signs and Devices

When working on a traffic guidance scheme, it’s important to check that the signs and devices to be used for warning and directions don’t cause motorists and pedestrians to violate existing traffic laws, especially when there’s a traffic controller present to direct traffic. The signs should look like the ones officially used in traffic guidance and must be recognisable from afar.

Courtesy and Proper Conduct

To avoid conflict with the travelling public, traffic controllers should be reminded to address commuters and drivers politely. The traffic control personnel assigned to place, maintain and remove signs and devices should also be aware of their overall responsibilities and daily duties.

Dealing with Delays

Whenever there are delays caused by works or plant breakdown, you should inform the stationed traffic controllers of the important details related to the delay and provide an estimated time for fixing the cause so that the traffic controllers can properly communicate the right information to the affected travellers.

It’s also highly recommended to have an organised system of receiving and relaying information from the managers to the workers to maintain order in the site. Keeping these things in mind will significantly help you in managing traffic in your construction site.

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