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Traffic Control Team

Our employees are our biggest advocates, positively reflecting our company and that of our clients in the way they carry out their duties each day. We have a very experienced and dedicated team of traffic controllers who are the key to our success.

These well-trained teams can cater for a multitude of traffic control situations and are very capable of adapting to suit the traffic environment of each project. We pride ourselves on having employees that are extremely professional and courteous and know what is required to deal with the public and community in difficult traffic control situations.

We ensure that all our employees hold all accreditations and tickets necessary to work within the traffic management and construction industry. We supplement this mandatory accreditation with on going in house training based on both the company and individual needs.

We carry out intensive induction training for each new employee, outlining both our and industry expectations and responsibilities. We evaluate our training and development material and revise as necessary in accordance with legal and industry criteria.